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Dance at Tenafly Arts

For purposes of age requirements in the following descriptions, the student must have reached the required age by October 15, 2018.

Private lessons are available by request.

Children's Dance Classes

In our children's dance classes, our goal is to focus on teaching technique. At the end of the year we hold in-house recitals where the parents and family are invited to watch the last class and view the culmination of our year's efforts. Tenafly Arts provides beautiful, professionally-made costumes to wear during the recital. These costumes are loaned free of charge and must be returned immediately following the class.

Music and Movement (Age 3-4)

Music and Movement is designed to introduce our youngest students to the joy of dance. Each class lasts 45 minutes and is limited to twelve children.

Children are grouped into separate classes for 3-year olds and 4 year olds. The 3-year old groups learn basic movement concepts. They explore a variety of musical rhythms and tempos, focusing on self-expression and group interaction. Props are often used to foster their learning experience.

The 4-year old groups continue to develop their understanding of musical concepts. The instructor gradually introduces the children to basic ballet steps while continuing to nurture creativity.

Beginner Ballet (Age 5-6)

Basic positions, steps, stretches and simple combinations are taught in this 60-minute class, which typically ends in a period of creative movement.

Advanced Beginner Ballet (Age 6-7)

The basic positions, steps and combinations are reviewed and expanded with increasing attention given to application and understanding of technique.

Ballet I (Age 7-8)

Children progress with more challenging steps and combinations, developing strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. While not mandatory, it is encouraged that students take more than one ballet class per week at this level.

Ballet II (Age 9-10)

Ballet II includes much longer and more complex combinations. Students build the strength necessary to work on pointe. At this level it is required that students take at least 2 classes per week.

Ballet III (Age 11-12)

In Ballet III, students are increasingly challenged with a variety of music and steps. As in Ballet II, at least 2 classes per week are required. At the discretion of the instructor, students may begin to take Intro Pointe.

Ballet IV (Age 13+)

Ballet IV includes more complex choreography and variations. Often video recordings are used to help students assess their own progress.

Ballet III and IV may be combined, with older students as mentors.

Intro Pointe (Age 10-11)

Only students who have an advanced level of ballet technique are invited to join this 30-minute class. The fundamentals of pointe work are carefully taught wtih the support of a ballet barre.

It is required that this class be taken at least twice a week in conjunction with Ballet III or IV, with the 30-minute pointe class scheduled back-to-back with the 60-minute Ballet III or IV class. Therefore, students at this level will be taking a total of at least 3 hours of lessons per week.

Pointe (Age 11+)

Students who are sufficiently advanced are chosen for this class. Towards the second half of the school year, some students may be allowed to take the entire class on pointe.

It is required that this class be taken at least twice a week in conjunction with Ballet III or IV, with the 30-minute pointe class scheduled to immediately follow the 60-minute Ballet III or IV class. Therefore, students at this level will be taking a total of at least 3 hours of lessons per week.

Basic Ballet I & II

Basic Ballet provides the fundamentals necessary to achieve a balanced education in dance. This class is suitable for those students who wish to take only one ballet class per week.


Tap is a form of theater dance that is enjoyable and has a wide appeal. In this form of dance, students will be able to master the basics and begin actual dance movement relatively quickly. Sound is stressed in teaching tap, which enables both the teacher and pupil to recognize and correct errors. Black dance pants and tan tap shoes are available to purchase at the studio.

Intro Tap (ages 6-8)

In this intro-level class, the beginner will be able to master the rudimentary techniques and begin actual dance within the first few classes.


Adult Classes (ages 18 and older)


A beginner/intermediate classical ballet class will be taught.

Dance Workout

This class is for those who want to improve movement ease in daily life. It is thorough, safe, and well balanced. Designed for those who love to dance, it is taught so our bodies gain strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. This 1½ hour class begins with a full body warm-up, progresses to fun dance aerobics, and concludes with a deep stretching cooldown.

Choreography with Claire Porter

Choreography with Claire Porter will explore ways of developing an idea into a dance. Included will be how to clarify a theme, how to respond in movement to that theme and how to develop the theme through a wide range of choreographic structures. This work/play class is for ages 18 and above. This class starts on October 3rd and costs $150 for the 10-week session.

We will continue to add new classes to our program. If you don't see what you are looking for, please call us to inquire.

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